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Before You Buy – Perc Testing 101

Perc tests, or percolation tests, aren’t the most glamorous part of buying a property. Most people don’t even give them a second thought until it’s time to put in the septic tank. Yet making sure your future property is septic ready is the only way to ensure you don’t find yourself knee-deep in the wrong kind […]

Understanding Wetlands

Wetlands are valuable real estate for anyone living on planet earth. They provide habitat for rare plants and animals, they serve as a natural filter for other water sources, and perhaps the most important purpose to humans, is the role they play in flood control. That’s right, wetlands are nature’s sponges. And if you’re a […]

Pros and Cons of Living Near Water

You can ditch the white noise machine and settle for the real thing by buying a waterfront home. The crashing of waves, the cool night breeze rolling off the water or the soothing sound of rushing river water will certainly rock you to sleep. But before taking the “plunge,” it’s important to consider all the […]

An Introduction to GIS

A geographic information system (GIS) is a computer system for capturing, storing, checking, and displaying data related to positions on Earth’s surface. GIS can show many different kinds of data on one map, such as streets, buildings, and vegetation. This enables people to more easily see, analyze, and understand patterns and relationships.  – National Geographic […]

3 Tips to Consider When Buying Vacant Land

Tip #1: Look (and Plan) Ahead The value of vacant land is primarily in its potential — specifically, the possibility that it may be prime real estate for future commercial or residential development. In order to hold that promise, however, the land needs to be properly zoned, with the right entitlements to ensure that your […]

What Is the Difference Between the Different Types of Deeds?

A deed is a legal document that lays out the different aspects of a property and is used when transferring the ownership of a property from one person to another. There are many different types of deeds that have different purposes. We are going to focus on the three types that we encounter most often and explain […]

Due Diligence Before You Buy Land – What is Zoning?

You’ve found the perfect property. You’ve researched the area and fallen in love with the neighborhood. Before you go any farther, you may want to check out the zoning laws for your new spread. While zoning laws often keep order in an otherwise chaotic world, they can also rain on your property fun. Think of […]

Before You Buy – Easements 101

So you bought the perfect property and now you’re ready to build your dream home; until you take a look at your title paperwork and see an unfamiliar word: easement. No, this isn’t a hybrid term for an easy access basement. Nor is it a scary roadblock on your way to property bliss. Believe it […]


Owner Financing as Offered by Century Tree Investments

Buying land is a substantial investment, and many first-time buyers may feel intimidated by the process. There are a variety of options when it comes to financing property, but the traditional methods may not always be viable. Have you heard of owner financing? Are you aware of the benefits? Read on to learn why owner […]

What Are the Benefits of Owner Financing?

What do you do when you need money for a large purchase such as a car or home? In most cases, you apply for a loan. Maybe you fill out an application at your local bank or credit union. They will need to check your credit score. Having too many inquiries into your credit history […]

Introduction to Owner Financing

There’s no getting around it. Buying rural land requires a financial commitment. At the same time, it is a good investment whether it’s your own money or someone else’s (borrowed) money. Before you start looking, it’s wise to give both options careful consideration. With that said, let’s assume you have decided that using debt to buy land […]

Financing Raw Land is Trickier Than Your Standard Home Loan

Financing raw land is trickier than your standard home loan. With home loans, the lender holds the house as collateral, meaning you’re less likely to skip town if you want a place to live. Whereas raw land can be easy to walk away from if you suddenly run out of money, thus leaving the lender […]


Where to Fish the Texas Gulf Coast?

An interesting article from someone in the know – read on to learn more about fishing the Texas Gulf Coast or visit the author’s website here. The below article is from Saltwater Fishing Texas. The topic of Finding Fish inevitably leads to the “Where to Fish?” question. Put another way, where should I go? This […]